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love can only truly be felt by those who have lost it, or have been on the verge of losing it. i don’t believe that real love is synonymous with age or maturity. i believe love is everywhere, and for that, to realize the magnitude of it, you have to at some point do without. — love is habitual. when you’re in love it affects everything you do, and you don’t even realize it. so until what you love, leaves you and/or threatens to leave you, you don’t feel it. it’s like when your phone breaks - you never really know how imperative your phone is to your everyday life because you use it so freely. you’re always on it whether it be to text, call, check social networks, etc. now, the second your phone dies in the middle of the day, or breaks and you have to wait 3 days until the next one comes, you feel disconnected. like something is missing. or those few seconds before your phone falls on concrete and you begin having a mini seizure due to the uncertain state of your phone - in those few seconds, so many things run around your mind, so many emotions rush through your body until you finally pick your phone up off the ground to assess the damage. — all this being said - you can be in love for 15+ years, but until you have to go without, you don’t know what you have. you just know you’re emotionally tethered to this other being. but, this is all just my personal opinion.

"Love" — (rant)

i was having a conversation with my homeboy about love and it inclined me to go to the dictionary and look up the definition of the word. it was very textbook-y for lack of better words, but what really set me off was one particular word in the list of synonyms - infatuation.

no wonder the use of the word love is so diluted.

personally, i don’t feel like the word love should have a synonym simply because there is nothing strong enough to match it.

dcstreet asked:
If your ever in DC I would love to shoot u
then I answered:

That’d be cool.

yes poppa.
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