happy birthday to this fiery little angel. finally legal even though, that wouldn’t have meant much except you being able to buy the bottles yourself lol. “y’know nici, idk what i wanna do for my 21st. i’m gonna feel too old to get fucked up. let’s just join a knitting club or some shit & calm the fuck down cuz we’re movin too fast man.” 😂 in all the years i’ve known you, you never allowed anyone to steal your spirit & that’s what i admired most about you - ppl may have not liked you but they could never say you weren’t yourself. “if they don’t like us, fuck em. we’re awesome ass people.” babygirl, you have seen & been through hell & high waters so at least i can alleviate myself from these worries knowing you’re spending this big celebration in peace. but just know, nothing is even close to being the same here without you & feels weird as hell not being able to call my bestfriend & tell her happy birthday. i would trade it all in to simply hug you & tell you everything is gonna be alright. don’t worry though, imma continue to hold it down the best way i know how. happy birthday jell-o! 🎉🎊💜 trust & believe i’m taking a double shot of tequila for you when i get home. i love you more than sweet potatoe pie & all the fried scrapple on the stove. 😉 #teambrenn - & that’s a forever thing, ma. but you knew.

Not one day passes, where I do not find myself questioning the level of misogyny I possess. Listen. It frays every inch of my womanly nerves that a lot of females equate “quality” with keeping your nails/hair done, and your skin shaved. Idk what some of you ladies were taught to believe, but my OG raised me to think that those “good woman qualities” you guys are out here flaunting on social media, is just good hygiene. That being said, half of ya’ll are out here on this ill-placed pedestal thinking you are this extraordinary type of woman for, in essence, being clean and taking care of yourself. Out here searching for appraisal for doing things that I personally feel as though, as a woman, you should do naturally. If you want to boast about something, do me a favor, & do something worthy - Go get a degree, start a business, help someone in need, change a life - Witcho clean ass.


"I’m 21 and I have always had stretch marks. And I was always taught to hate them but I’m getting passed that."


I hate that we can’t openly crave love without appearing to lack self-love. Intimacy is a necessity and no one should ever feel like they’re robbing themselves of anything by asking for someone to share that kind of love with them. You’re not weak because you want someone to look at you like you’re gold. You can look at yourself like you’re gold but I promise that the greatest thing we’ll share as humans is a connection. Connect.




Black Excellence!



love can only truly be felt by those who have lost it, or have been on the verge of losing it. i don’t believe that real love is synonymous with age or maturity. i believe love is everywhere, and for that, to realize the magnitude of it, you have to at some point do without. — love is habitual. when you’re in love it affects everything you do, and you don’t even realize it. so until what you love, leaves you and/or threatens to leave you, you don’t feel it. it’s like when your phone breaks - you never really know how imperative your phone is to your everyday life because you use it so freely. you’re always on it whether it be to text, call, check social networks, etc. now, the second your phone dies in the middle of the day, or breaks and you have to wait 3 days until the next one comes, you feel disconnected. like something is missing. or those few seconds before your phone falls on concrete and you begin having a mini seizure due to the uncertain state of your phone - in those few seconds, so many things run around your mind, so many emotions rush through your body until you finally pick your phone up off the ground to assess the damage. — all this being said - you can be in love for 15+ years, but until you have to go without, you don’t know what you have. you just know you’re emotionally tethered to this other being. but, this is all just my personal opinion.

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